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About the Show

Welcome to the Caring Caregiver Show, the hub for caregiver connection. We are lifelong caregivers on a mission to bring community to those who selflessly put others first. We want you to know that you too have a hand to hold and when together, we can make the caregiver journey a little easier for us all. Each week we feature topics ranging from self-care to respite resources to caregiver survivors just like you. You are home here, and we will certainly leave you more uplifted than you came.

Our show is offered in two formats:

Live: Our show is streamed live each week in our Facebook group.

Podcast: The show is also available as a podcast. You can find our podcast on our website here or on your podcast app/platform of choice.

Your Host


Savy Makalena

Savina “Savy” Makalena is a result-driven Retail Legend and Mentor.  She has an extensive background in business growth, retail operations, financial management, sales management, marketing & branding, and training & development. With more than 30 years of experience across the retail industry, Savy is currently the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Gimme A Break a non-profit organization whose mission is to care for caregivers by giving an emotional and physical break as well as resources for their continued well-being. As a lifetime caregiver she has recognized the need to support all Caregivers worldwide and has made this her life’s mission.

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