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Are you Embracing your Grief?

| Season 7 | Episode 1 |

Welcome to Episode 1 of Season 7 of the Caring Caregiver Show, sponsored by Givers Guides online magazine, your guide to Caregiving! We are lifelong caregivers on a mission to bring community to those who selflessly put others first. We want you to know that you too have a hand to hold and when together, we can make the caregiver journey a little easier for us all. We’re here to bring back the joy of Caregiving, we help Caregivers RELAX – RENEW –RESOURCE – REVIVE, because we know you’re tired and frustrated and you DESERVE some "CARING"

Join me as we begin Season 7 with our special guest Melinda Chinen a Grief Coach a heart centered life and grief coach. Melinda is deeply committed to helping people find clarity, audaciously embrace their authentic self, and move forward towards a life that would bring them immeasurable joy!

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From this Episode:

  • Melinda Chinen Coaching - Melinda Chinen is a certified professional life coach and grief coach. She has a background in Social Work and a passion for helping others. She is accredited with the International Coaching Federation and has completed over 600+ hours of coaching as well as 247+ hours of continued education and training.

Our Resources:

  • Gimme a Break - Non profit for caregivers aiming to bring back joy to caregiving, weekly support sessions offering caregivers a chance to relax, renew, resource and revive - Register or register a caregiver for a break.

  • Givers Guides Magazine - The complete caregiver resource guide. Get your first issue today, as 100% of all profits are donated to support Gimme A Break.


  • Savy Makalena - founder of Gimme a Break and Givers Guides

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