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Caregiver Wellness: It’s All About Baby Steps

| Season 1 | Episode 7 |

In this episode: Free course for caregivers of dementia patients, non-narcotic answers to amputees’ health issues, building healthy habits by working with a coach

In this episode we discussed the importance of education for caregivers and how you can make self care more manageable with the help of a coach.

First, we mentioned upcoming education opportunities for new caregivers offered by the Northern California and Northern Nevada chapters of the Alzheimer Association. In September and October they are offering free clinical level training courses for caregivers of dementia patients. Their six-week virtual training program Savvy Caregiver brings in dementia experts and provides caregivers with a manual to improve their knowledge, approach, skills and outlook on treating their loved ones.

Our guest Danette Penrod talks about how she was thrust into caregiving after her husband had a below knee amputation and the effect his condition had on their family.

She also mentions discovering the power of essential oils which she used as part of her husband’s regular care routine and how her passion turned into a profession.

As someone with an insight into issues in the amputee community she realized there was a lack of awareness and answers to medical issues, particularly the non-narcotic ones.

Together with her husband they created protocols to address issues, ranging from mental wellness, skin care, wound care to phantom pain.

Though Danette believes there is a place for the Western medicine she prefers an integrated approach based on nurturing six main pillars of life: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, financial and relationships. She explains how she helps caregivers address them as a Holistic Health and Lifestyle coach through an active approach to wellness. In addition she mentions her essential oils business Wellness SpOILed and great deals for caregivers interested in exploring natural medicine

Evan gave the audience a great pick me up, emphasizing the value of work caregivers do. All of us need words of encouragement so you don’t want to miss this!

Recommended Resources:

  • Uplevel Your Lifestyle Guide - a downloadable guide for caregivers including a walkthrough the six pillars

  • Wellness SpOILed SPECIAL OFFER - limited offer valid only through August: spend $150 with dōTERRA and get $50 (+ $50 match from Wellness SpOILed).

  • Email for further information. *Coming up on - Danette will teach holistic classes touching on all facets of wellbeing

  • Caregiver Health Club (formerly ChillTime TV) - The leading wellness program for caregivers with pre and type-2 diabetes. Get your sugar under control, lower your A1C levels, reduce medications, lose weight, and feel great again

  • Gimme a Break - non profit for caregivers aiming to bring back joy to caregiving, register for a respite

Special Offer:


  • Evan Kharrazi - founder of Caregiver Health Club, certified caregiver nutrition coach, and ambassador at the American Kidney Fund

  • Savy Makalena - founder of Gimme a Break and Givers Guides


  • Danette Penrod - founder of Wellness SpOiled, Holistic Health and Lifestyle coach, advice on caregiving for amputees

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