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Discover Your Medicare Options with Kamaka Jingao

| Season 4 | Episode 3 |

In this episode: Kamaka Jingao, from Financial Benefits Insurance, shared how he can help you find the right plan and coverage that fits your needs. Tune in to hear the difference between Medicare and Medicaid, when are the enrollment periods, and more!

In honor of Women’s History Month, Evan’s news segment touched upon Lynnete - a caregiver from Manatee County featured as the EveryDay Hero. And guess what her nickname is!? The “singing aide.” She sings in her church choir, and has been singing to her clients for years.

Savy shared that Gimme a Break is hosting the first annual Caregiver Expo right here on Oahu! There will be nearly 30 vendors, live music, giveaways and a pause & pamper session.

Recommended Resources:

  • Kamaka Jingao - Helping you choose your Medicare Plans! With Medicare you have options. Letʻs help you find those options and maximize your benefits!

  • Caregiver Health Club - The online weight loss program for caregivers. Our mission is to help 10,000 caregivers prevent type-2 diabetes through a simple and stress-free approach to self-care, nutrition, and fitness.

  • Gimme a Break - Non profit for caregivers aiming to bring back joy to caregiving, weekly support sessions offering caregivers a chance to relax, renew, resource and revive - Register or register a caregiver for a break.

  • Givers Guides Magazine - The complete caregiver resource guide. Get your first issue today, as 100% of all profits are donated to support Gimme A Break.


  • Evan Kharrazi - founder of Caregiver Health Club and certified Type 2 Diabetes Health Coach

  • Savy Makalena - founder of Gimme a Break and Givers Guides

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