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Everyone is a Caregiver: Introducing the Caring Podcast

| Season 1 | Episode 1 |

In this episode: Evan and Savy share their stories, why caregivers’ dreams matter, new bill supporting Pennsylvania caregivers

In the first-ever episode of our new podcast for caregivers you can learn about the caregiver journey of your podcast hosts Evan and Savy, including challenges they faced and steps they took to address them. You will also learn about the rationale behind their passion projects.

Evan talks about ChilltimeTV, a wellness app for caregivers, whereas Savy gives you an overview of Gimme a Break, a nonprofit providing caregivers with self-care resources and services they need and deserve.

If you are a caregiver based in Pennsylvania we share some good news for you. Namely, the new government bill announced by The Pennsylvania Department of Aging which brings new resources for caregivers including care management, benefit counselling,caregiver education and training and financial help (subject to eligibility).

As a food for thought we discuss the idea of fulfilling our dreams as caregivers, including examples from our personal lives showing how following our passions helped us bounce back and find balance in life.

Last but not least, Evan shares important considerations about kidney health. Recommended Resources:

  • Caring LIVE with Evan & Savy - join our Facebook group including all podcast episodes

  • Caregiver Health Club (formerly ChillTime TV) - The leading wellness program for caregivers with pre and type-2 diabetes. Get your sugar under control, lower your A1C levels, reduce medications, lose weight, and feel great again.

  • Gimme a Break - a nonprofit providing self-care education and resources for caregivers co-founded by Savy Makalena

  • The American Kidney Fund


  • Evan Kharrazi - founder of Caregiver Health Club, certified caregiver nutrition coach, and ambassador at the American Kidney Fund

  • Savy Makalena - founder of Gimme a Break and Givers Guides

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