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Meet David the Founder of Age Friendly Senior Care

| Season 4 | Episode 2 |

In this episode: David Fresquez, founder of Age Friendly Senior Care, shared his caregiving journey and passion for in-home care.

Evan’s news segment paid tribute to all the families that have been torn apart in Ukraine.

Savy shared that Gimme a Break is hosting the first annual Caregiver Expo right here on Oahu!

Recommended Resources:

  • Age Friendly Senior Care - We provide home care services for you and your loved ones. The expertise of our care providers makes it possible for us to provide a wide range of in-home care services.

  • Caregiver Health Club - The online weight loss program for caregivers. Our mission is to help 10,000 caregivers prevent type-2 diabetes through a simple and stress-free approach to self-care, nutrition, and fitness.

  • Gimme a Break - Non profit for caregivers aiming to bring back joy to caregiving, weekly support sessions offering caregivers a chance to relax, renew, resource and revive - Register or register a caregiver for a break.

  • Givers Guides Magazine - The complete caregiver resource guide. Get your first issue today, as 100% of all profits are donated to support Gimme A Break.


  • Evan Kharrazi - founder of Caregiver Health Club and certified Type 2 Diabetes Health Coach

  • Savy Makalena - founder of Gimme a Break and Givers Guides

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