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National Self-Care Month: Honoring Caregivers and First Responders

| Season 1 | Episode 3 |

In this episode: A tribute to first responders to Florida Condo collapse, National Self-Care Month activities, caregiving advice from Lani Almanza, special offers

In the spirit of the National Self-Care Month we took the opportunity to honor the first responders involved in the rescue operation following the condo collapse in Florida.

We welcomed our first guest, Lani Almanza who talked about her inspiring caregiver journey which started with babysitting in her family and neighborhood, continued with her role as a Candy Striper and took a serious turn when her son was involved in a car accident and whose healthy deteriorated even more in the following years. Not looking after her own wellbeing during this period resulted in a number of health issues. These challenges made her aware she needed to improve her self-care and led her to research suitable options and continue her studies. At present she is a wellness entrepreneur on a mission to guide people to a more activated life in self-care, health and wellness.

Last but not least we share a health tip on how to get your kidneys tested via EGFR test and the meaning of various test results. Recommended Resources:

  • Alaka’i Associates - a wellness company providing caregivers with curated self-care plans and natural healing remedies.

  • Caregiver Health Club (formerly ChillTime TV) - The leading wellness program for caregivers with pre and type-2 diabetes. Get your sugar under control, lower your A1C levels, reduce medications, lose weight, and feel great again.

  • Gimme a Break - a nonprofit providing self-care education and resources for caregivers

  • Caring LIVE with Evan & Savy - join our Facebook group including all podcast episodes

Special Offer:

  • Get 10% off on any order until the end of July. Go to ‘Resources’ > ‘Wellness products’ to see eligible products. Place an order and email Alaka’i Associates who will verify it and process the 10% rebate via Venmo


  • Evan Kharrazi - founder of Caregiver Health Club, certified caregiver nutrition coach, and ambassador at the American Kidney Fund

  • Savy Makalena - founder of Gimme a Break and Givers Guides


  • Lani Almanza - wellness entrepreneur and founder of Alaka’i Associates

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