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Rediscovering Your Identity as a Caregiver

| Season 2 | Episode 4 |

In this episode: Donna Thomson, the author of "The Unexpected Journey of Caring: The Transformation from Loved One to Caregiver" discusses how caregivers are reluctant to self-identify when thrust into the role.

Evan’s news segment shared about the VA caregiver support program, allowing for veterans to get the care they need away from the medical facility. For more information go to or call: 855-260-3274. You will be connected to a caregiver support coordinator and can apply for the “Program of Comprehensive Assistance for Family Caregiver.”

Our guest, Donna Thomson, talked about how caregiving is considered stifling and suffocating because few of us want to find our-selves trapped within the confines of this constrictive label. Donna is also the author of "The Four Walls of My Freedom” which is a riveting and redemptive family memoir, about raising a son with cerebral palsy and is a passionate appeal to change the way we think about the good life. She has one of the top awarded Caregiver blogs called, The Caregiver’s Living Room and is known as an Alz-author, collaborating to provide resources for those living with dementia.

Savy shared about Gimme a Break’s most recent event for caregivers: forest bathing and how it was a cleansing, stress relieving, ever-present experience. Savy read back a thoughtful letter from the guide, recounting the series of events and how despite the unexpected downpour she was surrounded by a group of caregiver warriors.

Recommended Resources:

  • The Caregiver's Living Room - Top awarded caregiver blog by Donna Thomson, who has the unique experience of caring for both an adult child and for an elderly parent. She shares deeply personal posts on her blog with newsworthy caregiving resources.

  • Caregiver Health Club (formerly ChillTime TV) - The leading wellness program for caregivers with pre and type-2 diabetes. Get your sugar under control, lower your A1C levels, reduce medications, lose weight, and feel great again

  • Gimme a Break - Non profit for caregivers aiming to bring back joy to caregiving, weekly support sessions offering caregivers a chance to relax, renew, resource and revive - Register or register a caregiver for a break.


  • Evan Kharrazi - founder of Caregiver Health Club, certified caregiver nutrition coach, and ambassador at the American Kidney Fund

  • Savy Makalena - founder of Gimme a Break and Givers Guides

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